Dr. Gupta is the author of the series of books "Informational Nature of Being". His writings address fundamental question of existence addressing how Joy and Happiness provide ultimate meaning to our Lives. His writings reflect his search for meaning and joy in his own life spanning past 30 years. For example, does GOD exist? What is the nature of the silence? What is the meaning of Life? What is the true nature of the self? What is Digital Divine and what is Divine Meaning? How can one feel the supreme Joy? How does modern living contribute to causing stress and stress related ailments such as depression, anxiety and high blood pressure just to name a few? How can one realize relief from the pain caused by stress responses in our body? How one can discover one's True Self? How can one lead harmonious, emotionally fulfilling and meaningful life by knowing one's true self that he calls quantum self? http://www.drhemantgupta.com Key Words Does GOD exists, The silence, Meaning of Life, The self, True Self, Digital Divine, Divine Meaning, Feel The Joy, Joy and Happiness, Life meaning, My Stress Relief, Stress Causes, Where is GOD, Joy, Divine, God, Quantum, Stress, Depression, Meaning, Life Active Websites to get more information 1. Road to digital divine: What is the meaning of digital divine? What is computational, informational nature of being? What can be the nature of divinity from informational point of view? What is the nature of our universe from digital informational perspective? http://www.roadtodigitaldivine.com 2. Does GOD Exist? What is the nature of GOD from informational point of view? http://www.doesgodexists.net 3. Where is GOD? Where does the informational WHOLE reside? What are the properties of informational WHOLE, digital divine or cosmic mind? Are these different names for the same entity? http://www.whereisgod.us 4. What is the nature of silence? What is emptiness? What are the mathematical creatures lurking in the depth of emptiness? Is emptiness nothingness or completeness? Does emptiness reflect a grand computing platform? http://www.thesilence.info 5. What is the meaning of divinity from informational perspective? What is divine meaning? http://www.divinemeaning.info 6. Is there a GOD in me? Can infinite reside in finite? Can I talk to GOD in me? Can I exchange information with the GOD in me? Can I get useful guidance from a GOD in me? http://www.godinme.info 7. What is the nature of myself? What is my true nature? Am I finite limited as my perceptual reality reveals or I am infinite with unlimited potential and possibilities? Is my true nature of Joy? http://www.trueself.us 8. What is the informational nature of being or the self? How does the self interface with the rest and the whole? http://www.theself.us 9. Does joy provide final meaning to life? How does one feel the joy from deep within? What is the nature of contentment? What is the nature of oneness? What is the meaning of life? http://www.feelthejoy.info www.joyfromdeepwithin.com 10. What is the nature of digital divine? What is quantum information? What is binary information? What is an informational entity? What is the nature of informational self, rest and the WHOLE? http://www.digitaldivine.info

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My Emotional Health

I have not been the fortunate one to be endowed with a great emotional health throughout my life. In fact, I have struggled most of my adult life to be in joyful and realize a harmonious state of being. Most of us are not fortunate enough to be in joyous emotional state and face ups and downs (more downs than ups) constantly throughout our lives. Living life involves taking on stress, lack of harmony and poor emotional health. And in our modern society these occurrence are continually on rise.

For me it had gotten so bad that I even contemplated to end my life. "Filled with pain, emptiness and sufferings from within" I was propelled to search for true meaning of life, especially mine. These feelings are still stored in my being and remind me always of the lows that I have been to. I struggled hard to regain my emotional composure.

Yes, the biggest contributor to poor emotional health is "Stress". This insidious enemy is our constant companion in our modern existence. It is responsible for a large number of stress related illnesses in our society. The stress causes are numerous. Some are recognized by modern science and some are not.

After almost 15 years of trying all kind of stress relief methods including practicing meditations under several masters, I came across techniques that have produced immediate and very significant impact on my emotional state of being. I call these techniques as quantum reprogramming of body mind and soul. These healing techniques arise from the computational view of the world. The whole universe is a computational platform; we are also computational platforms with many programs running within us. If we understood the kind of programs running in us and how this programming takes into effect, we can deprogram or reprogram ourselves and get access to the infinite source of healing energy.

My own stress relief was rapid and like a breath of fresh air for me. I have dedicated rest of my life to bring these techniques to as many people as I can. For most of us "stress relief now" is a dream but through reprogramming using these techniques, all of us can get access to this infinite healing source. Once mastered, these techniques are so effective that one can get simply an emotional tune up, or one can completely reprogram one self and get a brand new personality. If you are in pain and suffering, please don't wait, get that stress relief now. There is a profound joy, stillness and connectivity within your self, it is waiting for you to embrace it --realize it today. Don't lead a limiting life. Be what you want to be. Drink that sap of the "Joy from Deep Within" every conscious moment of living your life.

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