Dr. Gupta is the author of the series of books "Informational Nature of Being". His writings address fundamental question of existence addressing how Joy and Happiness provide ultimate meaning to our Lives. His writings reflect his search for meaning and joy in his own life spanning past 30 years. For example, does GOD exist? What is the nature of the silence? What is the meaning of Life? What is the true nature of the self? What is Digital Divine and what is Divine Meaning? How can one feel the supreme Joy? How does modern living contribute to causing stress and stress related ailments such as depression, anxiety and high blood pressure just to name a few? How can one realize relief from the pain caused by stress responses in our body? How one can discover one's True Self? How can one lead harmonious, emotionally fulfilling and meaningful life by knowing one's true self that he calls quantum self? http://www.drhemantgupta.com Key Words Does GOD exists, The silence, Meaning of Life, The self, True Self, Digital Divine, Divine Meaning, Feel The Joy, Joy and Happiness, Life meaning, My Stress Relief, Stress Causes, Where is GOD, Joy, Divine, God, Quantum, Stress, Depression, Meaning, Life Active Websites to get more information 1. Road to digital divine: What is the meaning of digital divine? What is computational, informational nature of being? What can be the nature of divinity from informational point of view? What is the nature of our universe from digital informational perspective? http://www.roadtodigitaldivine.com 2. Does GOD Exist? What is the nature of GOD from informational point of view? http://www.doesgodexists.net 3. Where is GOD? Where does the informational WHOLE reside? What are the properties of informational WHOLE, digital divine or cosmic mind? Are these different names for the same entity? http://www.whereisgod.us 4. What is the nature of silence? What is emptiness? What are the mathematical creatures lurking in the depth of emptiness? Is emptiness nothingness or completeness? Does emptiness reflect a grand computing platform? http://www.thesilence.info 5. What is the meaning of divinity from informational perspective? What is divine meaning? http://www.divinemeaning.info 6. Is there a GOD in me? Can infinite reside in finite? Can I talk to GOD in me? Can I exchange information with the GOD in me? Can I get useful guidance from a GOD in me? http://www.godinme.info 7. What is the nature of myself? What is my true nature? Am I finite limited as my perceptual reality reveals or I am infinite with unlimited potential and possibilities? Is my true nature of Joy? http://www.trueself.us 8. What is the informational nature of being or the self? How does the self interface with the rest and the whole? http://www.theself.us 9. Does joy provide final meaning to life? How does one feel the joy from deep within? What is the nature of contentment? What is the nature of oneness? What is the meaning of life? http://www.feelthejoy.info www.joyfromdeepwithin.com 10. What is the nature of digital divine? What is quantum information? What is binary information? What is an informational entity? What is the nature of informational self, rest and the WHOLE? http://www.digitaldivine.info

My views on GOD, divinity or digital divine

My Teachings

My life's work is centered around bridging the gap between science and sprituality.

My teachings are summed up in one word "information".

I have realized that information is at the root of everything thing in this universe. All we see (manifest) and don't see (un-manifest). It means all the physical universe, space time, beyond space time. All we feel and don't feel. It includes love, GOD and JOY.

All my learning and search is centered on this grand technology of love, compassion and oneness that is not only an essential part of human design but design of all life and our universe. It is also the essential technology of GOD or digital divine, as I call it. Why digital divine, because it is deeply rooted in quantum information. Our cosmic blue print including every thing in the physical or beyond physical space time is made from two ingredients:
1. Information
2. Silence
Everything originates from the interaction of these two ingredients. Our universe is like a grand computing platform that processes these two ingredients incessantly. Or you can say that stillness is that platform that hosts all the information.

This is perhaps most simple but also most difficult for most to understand. Why because "information" is not a new word. It has been around and most of us not only understand it (to a degree) but process information from morning to night. We are all in-fact expert information processor and we know it. But it is hard for many of us to understand that all matter or energy is also information. Every entity in this universe can be described in terms of information strings, connected, interacting with each other, or simply processing information. Information processing is like programming. The information processing or programming is pretty much the entire universes including us do all the times.

Most of us are familiar with only one type of information that is binary information. Binary means a variable that selects between zero (0) and one (1) position. But most of us may not be familiar with the quantum information. Quantum information means that the variable has a third choice; it can also select a position where it is zero and one both at the same time. For most of us it invites---so what? All quantum particles follow this algorithm and since this entire universe is rooted in quantum particles, our visible universe is not untouched by it's after effects. This simple but elegant formulation can give rise to quantum computations that I believe can provide a formulation to a grand technology of love that is at the root of us and our entire universe. It may be the technology that we need to understand to know our true self.

In my first book Road to Digital Divine, I provide readers a simple understanding of how one can view our world, even GOD and us: all based on the concept of information, an understanding that eventually leads to a true nature of our selves and guides us to a life full of joy, meaning and happiness. In my second book, "Joy from Deep within" I elaborate on this simple and most elegant technology of love that enables us to understand and discover the true nature of one-self and restores a programming full of joy, meaning and happiness in ones life.

I realize the practical utility of these ideas. Once one can clearly understand the programs that make us and our universe, and understand the basic know-how one can program and reprogram one self from limiting beliefs, behaviors and habits. I personally benefitted from the techniques that allowed me to do the same for myself. I have compiled these techniques and called them quantum-reprogramming of mind, body and spirit. I am very anxious to share these with all who need these. I hope they provide an immediate relief to all just like they did to me. It is my hope that these become a powerful weapon against accelerating epidemic of stress related illnesses in our society.

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